Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017
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Monday, November 16, 2009

Another Monday

So Monday has begun... The only difference today is, I have the most horrible headache! Isabelle is down for her morning nap, and I'm finally eating breakfast. I can't decide if I want to shower when I'm done eating, or If I should wait until Isabelle goes down for her afternoon nap. I have a few errands to run today, so maybe I should shower this morning. =-) I have to go get my car smogged (Oh what fun!!). My car registration is due today (another fun subject- going to the DMV). I also have to go buy stamps. For some strange reason, I ALWAYS forget to buy stamps. I think maybe because I pay all of my bills online now. I need to mail our Thank You cards from Isabelle's Baptism... which was October 4th. OOPS! I hope people know how Thankful we are, even if the notes are a little late! I actually don't like buying Invitations or thank you cards. I feel like they are a waste of money. People usually just throw them away. I feel it is important to Thank people, but there should be another way. Maybe I will start to write a personal letter of thanks. Instead of going out and buying Thank You cards. For Invitations I usually use a picture and make Picture Invitations. That way I know they wont get thrown away. Speaking of pictures, we are going to take our Family Xmas pictures this Saturday! I can't wait! Isabelle's dress is adorable, and we don't have a family picture yet. I'm so excited for this holiday season! It's going to be even more special because this is Isabelle's first Xmas. The only thing that I don't like is, the holiday season always comes and goes way too fast! I'm looking forward to baking more this year! I think I'm going to give out baked goods as gifts. They will be super yummy (hopefully) and It wont cost much. Me and one of my best friends Vanessa made blueberry scones the other day. They turned out great, but looked kinda funny. I need to work on the presentation.

Oh I just remembered, I need to finish my Lab work for my Chemistry class. I'm seriously counting the days until this semester is over!! I hate this class with a passion! My professor is so lame. Her personality is dry and she isn't a very good teacher. Worst of all, she wastes so much of our time! I just want to get in and get out. I have three more weeks left and then my final. She is even having class on Wednesday before Thanksgiving... I mean, who does that? Some professors are out there just to make our lives miserable. Ok, I'm done venting.

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