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Christmas 2017
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wednesday December 16th 2009

The Month seems to be passing me by... and soon it will be The New Year!! My baby girl turned 10 months old on the 3rd of this month! I can't believe that in a few months, she will be a year old already!! We have been busy planning her first Christmas, and soon our planning will be all about her 1st Birthday! It's so crazy how time flys! Isabelle Has been walking for about two weeks now. She has two teeth on the bottom, and her two front teeth are coming in on the top! She also now has a two word vocabulary. She says CaCa (if that's how you spell it) and Book. I have no idea where she learned CaCa, but it sure is cute when she says it =-0 The Doctor seemed very impressed by her advances. He said she is very advanced for her age. I can only hope she continues to advance. I think every parent has the highest hopes for their children. I hope Isabelle is a better student than I was. I wasn't a bad student, but I would have done a whole lot better! I want her to enjoy school. Is that possible? Some kids do like school right? I didn't really care too much for academics. I was more interested in the social aspects. I guess I'm getting a little too far ahead of myself. I mean Isabelle is ONLY 10months old lol =-) She is just so stinkin cute...

So on another note, I made beef stew the other day. I was soooo nervous because I had never made it before. I followed a recipe from Paula Dean. I had this horrible feeling the meat wasn't going to come out right. I thought it was going to be tough, but to my surprise, the meat was yummy and VERY tender!! I shouldn't doubt myself! I think I am a pretty good cook, and I do great when following a recipe. The stew came out good, but next time I think I'm going to add a few fresh herbs to it. It seemed to lack a little flavor. What I really want to do is learn how to bake. I want to feel as confident baking as I do cooking. For some reason it really intimidates me! I made scones a few weeks ago for the first time. I was nervous because I've heard they can come out hard as rocks if you mix the dough too much. Once again, to my surprise, they came out great! The looked horrible though. I wasn't sure how to work the dough when shaping them. I know with practise, I will master the art of making scones! Maybe I will take a baking class at the community college. I think if I learn the techniques, I will be a lot more comfortable with baking. Now all I have to figure out is, what to make for dinner tonight...

My mom is in the hospital again. Her right arm is very swollen which is extremely painful!!! Last week she went in for an IV procedure. The Doctors have had a hard time starting an IV, so they scheduled to try for one in surgery. They were not successful, and the result for her was a swollen arm. She needs to have a permanent IV put in, so she can do TPN treatments at home. She used to do them at home, for many, many years. My mom is the strongest person I know!! Her poor body and soul has been through so much! I don't know whats going to happen if they can't get an IV. The doctors said something about putting a line into her liver. What ever they have to do, is what ever they have to do, but there is a risk when you mess with organs. She went into UCLA medical center yesterday. They have been giving her heparin for her blood clots, and the swelling has seemed to go down a little bit in her arm. I pray to GOD that she will be home in time for Christmas! She was in the hospital for Thanksgiving. Please put in a prayer for my mom!

Until next time... Have a great day and always try to think positive! I try, but sometimes it's very hard!! Today is a good day though!

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