Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Isabelle turns ONE

I can't believe my baby is ONE already! I'm sure every mother goes through the minute by minute replay in their mind, of the day their child was born. Dads must have similar memories, but the physical memory is a little different for the mother.

We were in bed, it was a Monday Night... lights off, TV off, almost sleeping. It was about 11PM. I got out of bed for my last potty break, before I attempt to sleep through the night. I swing one leg off the bed, and OOPS... there is a little gush. The other leg follows and I head to the bathroom. "Did I just pee on myself?" I thought, "wouldn't be the first time (lol- part of being pregnant), but this time it felt different! It was a GUSH of fluid. So now I pee... but wait- when I lean forward- more fluid comes out... lean forward again. Is that pee?? I dunno. I call my mom (while on the toilet)- NO ANSWER!!! It is 11PM =-) I call my brother because he can go wake up my mom. AND with my luck, he isn't home. So I call my Auntie Valerie! I KNOW she will be awake! She Answers. YAY! Soooo I ask "how do I know if I am Peeing or if it is my water breaking?" She says to give it a few minutes and then call her as soon as I know anything! Next I call the hospital. Of course they couldn't help me. They said I would have to go in for an exam. My mom finally calls, then my brother calls, and Valerie calls again. It's been 20 minutes, so I decide to wake up Ryan. He was in a deep sleep... "Hey, wake up! I think my water just broke." He says "What?" and rolls back over. "Wake up... I think my water just broke! I think we need to go to the hospital." He looks at me half asleep. "Come on... WAKE UP!! My water broke! We need to leave!" FINALLY, he jumps up! "WHAT?? Lets go. Where is your stuff? Did you call your mom? We need to tell my parents. Are you SERIOUS? Lets go." And our Journey began!

Isabelle was head up, so I was scheduled for a C-section at 8AM. We were in the overflow section all night. Couldn't really sleep. My back hurt SOOOOO bad! I didn't really feel any contractions, except for my back.

Melinda got to be my nurse! I asked for her about 10 times through the night lol. I used to watch her kids, while she was in Nursing school. I picked the hospital she worked at because I knew she would give me the BEST care! There was the chance that I might go into the hospital on her day off, but I was in luck! She showed up and helped deliver Isabelle! I'm so thankful for having her there! Hopefully it will work the same for the next baby!

At 8:58AM Isabelle Amelia Morse was born! The whole experience was Euphoric! The pressure was intense, my chest felt like it was being ripped out, and then I heard her cry. Ryan went to check her out... See his daughter for the first time! Melinda brings her over. I kiss, kiss, kiss her! She is finally here!

I was in recovery for about two hours I think. Ryan was with Isabelle in the Nursery. I wanted to see her so bad! I was exhausted from the long night, and could hardly keep my eyes open, but all I could think about was holding her. They took me to my room and there they were. My husband and our baby girl! All alone! Taking time to get to know each other! Once I was settled in my bad, he handed her to me. AAaaawwww what a moment! Holding my daughter! I didn't want to let her go! She has been a part of me for the last nine months, and now we are a FAMILY! We are together forever! I can't believe it's been a year already! She is such a big girl now! Walking, talking, feeding herself... Very independent! I feel so blessed to be her mommy! I love you Isabelle, and I can't wait to see what an amazing person you turn into!