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Christmas 2017
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

No longer just us and IZ... Jacob has arrived =-)

August 5th at 8:58 PM, we welcomed baby Jacob Christopher Morse into our family! He was born almost 3 weeks early, but perfectly healthy! He weight 6 pounds, 15 ounces and was 21 inches long! I think he looks a bit like me, but it's still a little early to tell. Isabelle looks mostly like her daddy! My pregnancy was much easier this time around compared to when I was pregnant with Isabelle! I wasn't sick all the time (for 7 months with IZ), but I had more back pain. Jacob was head down, but because of my C-section last year, I had to have a C-section again. Most doctors in this area wont do a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) anymore because of the 1% chance of rupture. I really would have liked to experience a regular delivery because of the hard recovery from the C-section, but either way... we were blessed with a beautiful baby!

Once again, my water broke unexpectedly. We had a normal summer day of shopping and Costco. Maybe I shouldn't have pushed the big heavy cart! When we got home, I was getting out of the car, and I thought I peed on myself! I waited a little while to see if I continued to leak fluid. After about an hour, I decided we needed to go to the hospital! First, I had to shower. I didn't want to go so many days without a shower this time around lol! When we got to the hospital, we went through the routine check in procedures (paperwork, changing into the glamorous gown, giving a urine sample, and getting hooked up on monitors). Then the time came to test the fluid. It came out NEGATIVE!!! WHAT?? What do you mean NEGATIVE? Was I imagining the whole leaking fluid thing? The nurse confirmed I was having contractions and said we would wait 30 minutes and then check the fluid again. TICK, TOCK, TICK, TOCK... It's positive! YAY! I wasn't crazy! Time to call the doctor. When the nurse came back into the room, she said, "In 30 minutes, we will have our baby!" OMG what?? Hurry... call my family, call your family, send a mass text lol (a nervous laugh) we are having our baby! The worst part of the whole experience is when I was laying on the operating table, numb, and couldn't feel myself breathing! I hate that feeling! I almost had a panic attack! I had to close my eyes and take a few deep breaths. A few minutes later, Ryan was by my side! I think we were both a little nervous. It all happened so fast! We knew at that moment that our lives were going to once again change. I looked into his eyes, and knew the tough part would be over soon. Then I heard him cry! Jacob had arrived! It feels like a strange dream when I was laying there, helpless and physically paralyzed, people all around doing their specific jobs, and daddy goes to be with baby.The first kiss is the most special! I was in recovery about two hours... and then I got to hold him! Now the fun begins!

I am so thankful for my blessed life! I have a wonderful husband, and now... two beautiful babies! I'm excited for the future, but I try really hard to live in the now! I'd like to have two more kids; however, Ryan says we are done. Maybe when I'm done with school we can come to a different conclusion! The kids will be older, and we will be more stable financially. We have many goals we need to accomplish! Buying a house will happen in the next year or so, and hopefully a new car is in the near future! By near I mean in the next year... maybe!! Until next time, hug those around you a little tighter, and tell them you love them! Live for today! XOXO

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