Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Bachelor- Episode two- 01/10/11

Date number one... Ashley H (Dentist) PA. Brad has an amazing night planned and is hoping to laugh and have fun. The arrive in the middle of no where and it's pitch black. They flip the switch and much to Ashley's surprise, they are at a carnival, and they have it all to themselves. How magical would that be for a first date?? How could you not fall in love? What happens when all this magic is gone and they go back to their normal lives. Dates become dinner and a movie. Ashley says it was a perfect date and she even gets to dress like a princess. But is this all their reality or a made up fairy tale which ABC has created. Brad says he likes her a lot and they share their first kiss. Surprisingly, they had similar childhoods. Their fathers were not in their lives which might bring them closer together. Brad feels like she is easy to talk to and looks forward to many more conversations. Ashley is given a ROSE and their date continues... I like Ashley. She seems genuine, but how much can you really learn about someone in six weeks?? I'm a skeptic!

Date card number two is delivered to the house where the ladies wait. It's a group date. 15 girls to be exact. They are filming a Public Service Announcement for the American Red Cross... the goal is to get people to go out and donate blood. Emily, Stacy and another girl (didn't get her name) seem to have a lot of fun doing their skit. They are lighthearted and entertaining, with smiles on their faces. Melissa (Waitress) FL, is a little nuts though! She's getting frustrated, so she busts into their scene and plants her lips on him. EEwww gross! She looks like total white trash to me! Michelle (Hair Stylist) UT, has a bad attitude! It's her birthday and wants all of the attention on her. She is creating drama and like one of the other girls said, "It's her birthday, and she can cry if she wants to." Her plan works to some extent. Michelle gets a ROSE later that night at the Roosevelt Hotel. I don't think I like her much. She is playing the game, but doesn't seem to be there for love.

Jackie gets the second date with Brad. First, he takes her to a luxurious hotel in Beverly Hills. They change into robes, give one another facials, and then it looks like a little hand massage. After the pampering, Jackie is lead into a room with beautiful gowns. She is able to choose one to wear for the night. Next, Jackie is off to her own personal stylist session where she has her hair and make-up done. She is having a Pretty Woman moment!! Especially once Brad shows her the jewelry she will be wearing. Can you say Bling Bling!!! The couple then heads to the Hollywood Bowl. They share a romantic dinner, and then... Train! The band is there just for them! What a special moment! Train wouldn't be my first pick for a romantic evening, but maybe the band is special to Brad... or maybe even Jackie?

In the end, I'm glad Melissa and the other dramatic girl got sent home! Michelle should have joined them! She's rude and seems unstable! In the middle of the cocktail party, she pulls Brad to the side to ask him about what kind of coffee he likes. Really?? Starbucks or Coffee Bean? Couldn't this have been a topic of conversation at another time? I see her claws coming out,

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