Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017
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Friday, June 24, 2011

Oaks Korean BBQ- June 18th 2011

The Mommy Network chose Oaks Korean BBQ for our June Mom's Night Out. It's located at 1970 Sequoia Ave in Simi Valley. Priscilla recommended, and the rest of us agreed. It sounded yummy! Who doesn't like BBQ? I have to say, we had a great time, and the food was delicious! The service was pretty good! Our server was very friendly and shared all of the important details on the menu. I couldn't tell you exactly what we ordered, but it was family style. We shared three different BBQ items, pork, beef, and shrimp. The BBQ items were served on hot plates with caramelized onions! YUM! Since we decided to share family style, we were also served a "large" appetizer, miso soup, six side dishes, and dessert! The appetizer looked like egg foo young, but I don't know if it had egg in the ingredients. It was some kind of Korean comfort food! The side dishes were delicious! I LOVED the bean sprouts! They were marinated in sesame oil and other unknown seasoning. The soup was warm and comforting! I could have Miso soup everyday! Polar bear is only so lucky (wink, wink). And for dessert, we had mochi ice cream (I think that's how you spell it), another one of my loves- Strawberry, vanilla, and green tea flavored! On top of the BBQ, we all shared a few sushi rolls. Yep! They have sushi too! It isn't often when I eat until I'm full, but tonight was one of those nights =-) Thank You Priscilla for suggesting Oaks Korean BBQ. I'd never had Korean BBQ, and I'm glad I tried it! I'm looking forward to having a nice dinner there with my husband next!

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Mommy Network

Feburary 28th 2011, a few friends (Andrea, Mandy, and Jessica) and I started a Mommy group!! We decided to name it THE MOMMY NETWORK!!!! In the last few months, we have accrued 90 plus members, had several playdates,  family events, and even organized our first fundraiser walk for The Williams Syndrome Association! Starting the group has been such a positive experience for me! I have made several great mommy friends, and my kids have made friends that I hope will last them their lifetime! Some days it's a challenge just getting out the door with two kids, but meeting up with The Mommy Network is always worth the challenge! The kids have a great time, and I get to enjoy a little adult conversation. We share stories about things like potty training, how to get our kids to eat, and family vacations! Of course, our conversation never go without interruptions. That's ok though, we are all used to the chaos. If one kid isn't getting into some kind of mischief, than another one is.

Family events are a great way for daddy's to get to know one another. We are hoping to set up a beer tasting and/or poker night for the daddy's in the near future! Last month we went to Kid's Adventure Garden (Thousand Oaks), and the month before that, we went to the Underwood Farm here in Moorpark. I think there were at least 15 families that showed up! The weather was perfect, sun shining with blue sky's. The farm is a lot of fun! It's inexpensive and outdoors, which all of the kids LOVE! Being outside is the greatest adventure when you are young, right?? Next Month we have a BBQ planned for the 4th of July.

Another AWESOME event we plan once a month is a Mom's Night Out. Mom's need a little "Me" time, and what better way to spend it than with some other Fantastic Mommy's! We usually start with dinner, and then head out on the town for a little excitement.Last month was dinner and bowling. Those that couldn't make it (myself included) went to dinner and a movie the following week. This Saturday, June 18th is this months MNO which I'm super excited for! We are going to a highly recommended Korean BBQ joint, and then I think we are going to find a place that does Karaoke! I might need a few cocktails to actually get up there and sing, but it's going to be fun no matter what! P.S. I have a Designated Driver (Woot, Woot).

The Mommy Network is a positive group of wonderful people! There is only good in our future! Our glass is half full! I cherish the friendships I have made and look forward to what's to come! Thank you ladies (and gentlemen) for enriching my life!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beach day with the Mommy's and now it's time to RELAX!!

We have had a great day so far; although, daddy is stuck doing Jury Duty!

The morning Didn't start off well because Isabelle was melting down by 9AM! I was hoping that wasn't a glimpse of how the rest of the day was going to be! We've had this beach day planned for at least two weeks.  I was especially excited today because my mom, sister, and nephew Braydon were going to join us! They arrived at the house around 9:45... and we were off! Isabelle still had a few issues in the car, but once she realized where we were going, she finally started to get excited! It's funny... she recognizes Malibu Canyon and knows we will be driving through three tunnels! She yells out, "Mommy, tunnels soon!!!" and then proceeds to tell me all about the sand she is going to play in! I love that she can now communicate with full sentences! It makes our days so much more interesting and exciting for me as a parent! I'm amazed at the vocabulary she has thus far!

The scheduled forecast for Moorpark (where I live) is a high of 83 degrees, with a bit of haze. LOL- why when we get to Zuma, is it 65 degrees, completely foggy with a chilly breeze? Oh well. What matters is we are outside and surrounded by great mommy friends (and their kids of course). We all know kids don't care if it's a little cool outside! They were having a ball, as soon as their little toes hit the sand! Sand, toys, water, and food! OOOooh My! Couldn't ask for anything more! Everyone had a blast, and the kids were exhausted when it was time to leave. Mission accomplished! However, for some reason, my kids are refusing to nap today. Go figure! They are playing in their beds! And of course I spoke too soon! Now Jacob is screaming. To get him, or not to get him?? Hhhmmmm I will give it a few minutes! I sure would love a nap myself! Mommy's don't usually get naps though! Right?!!

So far, it's been a pretty good day! Can't complain! I LOVE my kids and look forward to everyday! Even the hard exhausting days! I wouldn't trade this life for another! I am blessed and thankful for everyday I have to spend with my family and friends!