Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017
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Friday, June 17, 2011

The Mommy Network

Feburary 28th 2011, a few friends (Andrea, Mandy, and Jessica) and I started a Mommy group!! We decided to name it THE MOMMY NETWORK!!!! In the last few months, we have accrued 90 plus members, had several playdates,  family events, and even organized our first fundraiser walk for The Williams Syndrome Association! Starting the group has been such a positive experience for me! I have made several great mommy friends, and my kids have made friends that I hope will last them their lifetime! Some days it's a challenge just getting out the door with two kids, but meeting up with The Mommy Network is always worth the challenge! The kids have a great time, and I get to enjoy a little adult conversation. We share stories about things like potty training, how to get our kids to eat, and family vacations! Of course, our conversation never go without interruptions. That's ok though, we are all used to the chaos. If one kid isn't getting into some kind of mischief, than another one is.

Family events are a great way for daddy's to get to know one another. We are hoping to set up a beer tasting and/or poker night for the daddy's in the near future! Last month we went to Kid's Adventure Garden (Thousand Oaks), and the month before that, we went to the Underwood Farm here in Moorpark. I think there were at least 15 families that showed up! The weather was perfect, sun shining with blue sky's. The farm is a lot of fun! It's inexpensive and outdoors, which all of the kids LOVE! Being outside is the greatest adventure when you are young, right?? Next Month we have a BBQ planned for the 4th of July.

Another AWESOME event we plan once a month is a Mom's Night Out. Mom's need a little "Me" time, and what better way to spend it than with some other Fantastic Mommy's! We usually start with dinner, and then head out on the town for a little excitement.Last month was dinner and bowling. Those that couldn't make it (myself included) went to dinner and a movie the following week. This Saturday, June 18th is this months MNO which I'm super excited for! We are going to a highly recommended Korean BBQ joint, and then I think we are going to find a place that does Karaoke! I might need a few cocktails to actually get up there and sing, but it's going to be fun no matter what! P.S. I have a Designated Driver (Woot, Woot).

The Mommy Network is a positive group of wonderful people! There is only good in our future! Our glass is half full! I cherish the friendships I have made and look forward to what's to come! Thank you ladies (and gentlemen) for enriching my life!

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