Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017
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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mom's Dinner Requests

I used to get annoyed when my mom would ask me at 6AM what I wanted for dinner. I'd think to myself, "It's only 6AM, I haven't even had breakfast... Why is she asking me now??" That was my thought process as a teenager! I couldn't get past breakfast let alone dinner which was 12 hours away! Now that I am a mother of almost three kiddos, I totally get it! The meat has to defrost... DUH! Not only does the meat need to thaw out, but time management is crucial when kids are involved! Even if the meat was taken out the night before to defrost, how shall it be prepared! Shall I try a new recipe, make something I know the kids WILL eat, do I need to go to the grocery store? I think about food often, now that I'm a MOM. When I am home and able to prepare a great home cooked meal, I like to prepare it when my kids take a nap! If the recipe requires hours of cooking, nap time is the perfect time to begin the meal preparation! If dinner goes in the oven between one and two PM, it will be done by four or five! Brisket for example is one of my favorite cuts of meat to cook (when it's on sale, or bought for a fantastic price at Costco- one of my favorite places); however, it needs HOURS to cook in order to turn out tender!

I don't feel dinner would be such an issue if Isabelle didn't have Celiac! Because of her gluten intolerance, I can't just grab a box of something pre-made and throw it on the stove! Even boxed rice side dishes contain gluten! Everything contains gluten... and sometimes reading the ingredients on the label isn't enough! I literally have to call the factory if I feel unclear about the contents! Isabelle's Doctor told me that if the package doesn't say Gluten Free, NEVER assume it is just based on the ingredients! What really gets me is when a product says Gluten Free, but then in small bold print it will say, processed in a factory containing wheat, etc... Cross contamination is something that cannot be ignored. Another reason we don't eat out often! But that's a whole other story!

Now I ask myself, what shall we have for dinner tonight? Maybe I will make gluten free fish fry! We bought a great package of fresh tilapia for inexpensive at Costco the other day! Makes great fish fry and the kids love it!! It might not be the healthiest meal because it's fried, but over all we are a healthy family! I don't feel bad eating fried foods once in a while! Now do I pair it with steamed broccoli of asparagus? Hhhmmmmm. With that said... I think I have made my mind up on what to make for dinner! Happy Saturday everyone!