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Christmas 2017
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Monday, July 7, 2014

Wishing Well Entertainment

Last week I headed the toddler program for the 2014 Williams Syndrome Convention. Over a period of about six months, my primary focus was to find entertainment for my little ones during the convention. I made countless attempts via email, phone, Facebook, etc... with many entertainment companies to try to find the impossible! My goal was to find individuals willing to donate their time due to my limited budget, being a nonprofit organization. Most people hear nonprofit, and don't want to even finish the conversation, sadly. What they don't seem to realize is they are not helping that one person on the phone, but they will soon be touching the souls of many!!

And then I came across Wishing Well Entertainment via Facebook! One of my Facebook "friends" happened to "like" a photo of WWE's from an event they had just done. At first glance, I was impressed by the beauty of the Princess and her costume. She looked as if she stepped straight out of the Disney movie! I then found myself on their Facebook page, going through all of their photos! WOW!!! They are all stunning, and their costumes are great! Not only do they have princesses, but there is a Spiderman, Kristoff, Superman, Woody, and so many more!

I took a deep breathe and sent a private message through their Facebook page, explaining the organization and the upcoming national convention taking place in Anaheim this July! Much to my surprise, Kalinda responded within about 30 minutes!!! She was immediately excited and more than willing to donate entertainment to my program! Over the next couple of months, we kept in contact through email. Everytime we talked, our conversation was delightful! About a week before our scheduled performance date, I wrote to confirm the location, time, etc... We hadn't spoken of who exactly was going to be joining us. I was excited to find out because I was going to plan a craft around the entertainer. She informed me that Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, and Kristoff from Frozen would be attending! OH MY GOODNESS I wanted to cry! The kids were going to be so excited due to the popularity of the film! Two days before their arrival, Kalinda emailed me stating that Cinderella would like to donate her time as well!!!!!! Now I'm crying! I was so full of joy, excitement, and thanks! My heart was full! What an amazing group! Donating two hours for kids with special needs! Did I mention they weren't just coming to meet the children... But they were going to do a little storytelling, magic, face painting, singing, and a Meet and Greet??

I had all of the children sit in front of the door of our large entertainment room, and we all had to be quiet to listen for the knock! It was the knock that would lead to hours of magic! My daughter Isabelle answered the door! When Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, Kristoff and Cinderella walked through those doors, the children's faces lit up! I actually had to turn the other way for a minute because I was totally going to lose it LOL

I cannot say thank you enough to Kalinda and her friends!!!!! They are Kind, Generous, Loving and full of Beauty! They have imprinted on my heart and I will never forget how awesome all of them are!! I had a parent crying because her three year old son with Williams Syndrome had such an amazing time with the princesses (he's a little ladies man). Thank You, Thank You,

Thank You!!!!!

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