Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017
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Monday, November 10, 2014

NEW- The Sandwich Spot in Simi Valley

We tried this new Sandwich Spot in Simi Valley yesterday... Overall, I'd have to rate it a 4 out of 5. Why you ask!? 

Walking in, I was excited to see two fairly large tv screens with a current Football game on! Going to any restaurant that draws sports fans is usually a fun place to hang out and people watch. Except we weren't there to see the game, we were there to eat!

Looking at the menu, I couldn't decide on which sandwich to order! Almost all of them had very appealing ingredients! I then decided to post something on Facebook: asking friends to pick a number between 1 and 24 (the menu items by number). The first number called out was the number four aka "The Hulk!" Marinated chicken, avocado, bacon, all the fixings (adding their BOMB SAUCE- homemade jalapeño ranch), on a fresh sourdough roll... How could It go wrong!?  

All of the staff was very friendly! Our order was taken within five minutes of standing in line. Granted We were there a little after 1pm so they were busy! The owner was working hands on at the register while helping his staff behind the counter when needed. He seems very excited for his new restaurant to succeed, and if you know me, I'm all about promoting local businesses! 

Now getting to the 4 out of 5 rating... It took almost 20 minutes to get our sandwich! The rolls were being baked while we waited. I'm not complaining about waiting necessarily for us because we had time to hang out and wait. Going in there on a 30 minute lunch break could be a bit of a problem however! With that being said, the overall taste of the sandwich was good! I wasn't sure about the marinated chicken. It kind of reminded me of the chicken Subway uses in the microwave! I feel the sandwich would be better with a deli sliced marinated chicken instead. P.S. My hubby got "The 805" pictures below! He enjoyed it on their Dutch Crunch roll. 

I will definitely go back to try another sandwich (or salad). I enjoyed all of the fixings... The pickles were great! The bread was amazing and so was the sauce! Go and try something! Comment below and share your experience! Let the owner know you are excited for him and you will help spread the word! Sending 
good vibes to this new local business!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Mommy adventure #1

Headed for a night out with my mommy friend Alyssa for her Birthday!! We originally planned to go to Bogie's in Westlake Village! Arriving in Westlake around 7pm, not realizing Bogie's doesn't even open until 9pm... Being mommies, we aren't used to this late night stuff anymore ha ha. Bogie's would have been fun since I personally haven't been out dancing in years! I don't even know if I can dance these days.  
We think quick and move on to plan two... Los Toros in Chatsworth it is!! Yes, we drove to Westlake and then drove all the way to Chatsworth! Alyssa had never experienced a Los Toros's house margarita!! What better than a birthday to celebrate with AMAZING margaritas! 
Margaritas ordered at the bar... The bartender was super friendly, providing great service! I should have gotten his name and let the boss know! He made a special birthday shot for Alyssa which was loaded with yummy mango and tequila goodness! 

Once a small table opened up in the bar area, we decided to move... We wanted to people watch and would have a better view from the table. While waiting for our "small" appetizer sampler, we realized moving wasn't the best choice. The server for our table seemed annoyed and unconcerned with our needs. We didn't need much, but a water and some jalapeños would have been nice! She eventually brought the jalapeños but I physically had to go to the bar to ask for more water!?!? Overall, we had s great time, the food was delish (especially the carnitas), the margaritas never disappoint, and I got to spend time with my girl Alyssa for her bday! 

Now the question is... Where should we take our adventure to next!?!? Sur? STK? Would you like to join in on our fun adventures!? Comment below to let us know where! What are your ideas? The more adventurous the better!!! XOXO